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Quick N' Clean K9000
Dog Wash Station

Taking care of your best fury friend!

At Quick N' Clean, we take care of your beloved canine companions too! Our new Quick N' Clean Dog Wash is the best place for Rover to get a good bath. The ultimate self-serve technology, this dog wash facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Stop by our Dog Wash today to keep your favorite companion
smelling fresh and looking clean.

Taunton's Convenient Self Service Dog Wash

Taunton's Convenient Self Service Dog Wash

The Quick N' Clean Dog Wash facility is equipped with the Cadillac of dog wash stations - the K9000. This is the ultimate dog washing experience. We have provided high quality TropiClean petcare products for the K9000 which are designed to be completely safe for your pets or you are welcome to bring your own preferred products. The K9000 Dog Wash station accepts both bills and credit cards for your convenience.

Once you have safely loaded your pet via the folding front panel, you can choose from a variety of different settings: shampoo, rinse, condition, flea rinse, blow dry, and disinfect. All of these settings have controlled water temperature for the comfort of you and your dog.

The soft-touch wash gun is specially designed to keep your dog comfortable throughout bath time. It even produces a turbo warm dry so that you can dry your dog quickly and easily.

Our Dog Wash Facility

Let's face it most at-home dog-washing efforts end in a huge soapy mess. That's why Quick N' Clean's Dog Wash facility was designed with convenience and comfort in mind. Since we never close our doors, this facility is here when you need it. It also contains a fully secure and lockable exterior door, providing you with privacy and safety no matter what time of day you need to wash your dog.

Worried about your pup getting cold?

Our dog wash facility is fully climate controlled so that both you and your dog are completely comfortable. Additionally, the facility contains a hepa filter for air quality. With daily cleaning, the Quick N' Clean team ensures that our Dog Wash facility is always as clean.

Quick N' Clean Tropiclean Cleaning Products

The Importance of Regular Dog Bathing

Regular bathing is crucial for keeping your canine friend clean, healthy, and smelling great. If left unattended both dirt and parasites can bring harm to his or her coat and skin. Bathing eliminates these contaminants to promotes long-term health.

Wash that smell away!

Bathing your dog is also important for controlling the smell and ensuring that your home stays clean, too. Whether it's a planned outing at the dog park, a day at doggie daycare or an emergency like being sprayed by a skunk, you can bathe your dog before he can run through the house and get that awful dirty dog smell all over your furniture and carpets.

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